Help our veterans who are living below the poverty line.

​Providing affordable homes that veterans can raise their families in without breaking the bank each month.

Living in Florida is great, the sun, the beaches and fishing​. But living here is hard being a veteran. One our of every five veterans live below the poverty line. They can't even afford to stay in the home that they have now.

​We are building a Veterans Community for our active duty coming home to help transition into a larger home and those veterans living below the poverty line. 

This community will have a club house for peer counseling, meet with a VSO Counselor, Marriage Counselor or just talk.

Each veteran who lives within the community will have courses on Managing Money and how to keep a checking account.

We are working hard on getting the land we need and the location we need. We want to keep the land as close to the Cape Coral VA Hospital so if the veteran has a hard time with transportation we could provide it for them.