Veterans Country JamTe.

We are a Non-profit  501 C3 Veterans Organization




More then 1.4 million veterans are living below poverty. Veterans between the ages of 18 and 35 live in poverty, that is 12.5 percent. Over 900,000 veterans live in households that are receiving food stamps. Active duty families are at an all time high using food stamps. They also receive a special supplement allowance to replace food stamps. More then 3.5 million veterans are receiving disability benefits and 629,000 guaranteed home loans have been issued. In Lee County veterans income is $23,930 this is below the national poverty line of $31,900.     


To provide veterans and spouses affordable housing with out breaking the bank. A veterans community will provide those that live below poverty a chance to move into a place they can call home and provide more for the family then living day to day.


To find a large piece of property that veterans can call home. This special veterans community will have low cost homes available for veterans and their families. A community club house with an outside pavilion for shows and concerts.


Two types of homes will be made available for veterans. The first will be homes of a thousand square feet or less and the second will be homes over a thousand square feet.