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​With more then 12.5 percent of veterans live in poverty. We are building affordable home for veterans that live in poverty here in Lee County. Veterans income in our county is $31,600.

Non-Profit 501C3 Veterans Organization.

· Wartime veterans make up about 75 percent of Florida’s total veteran population (1.2 million).

 There are more Vietnam-era veterans than any other wartime category in Florida with more than 498,000.

231,000 veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq who claim Florida as their home of record.

 Florida has more than 160,000 women veterans.

 The largest population of World War II veterans in the nation with more than 164,000.

 The third largest population of disabled veterans in the nation with more than 249,000.Type your paragraph here.

​Veterans Country Jam

SAVING A LIFE​To many of our veterans are taking his or her own life.

​Every 20 hours 22 veterans are committing suicide in the United States.  

Veterans Building Project


​When a veteran makes the call for help, we will answer the call.

Find your inner power by helping others

Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD in Veterans and Military PersonnnelExposure Therapy vs. Cognitive Therapy
[Therapist and patient speaking]

In cognitive therapy, the therapist and patient talk about the trauma (more objectively) and the prefrontal cortex is kept fully engaged. The patient is encouraged to experience some emotions that activate the trauma circuit; however, there is not an attempt to experience high levels of emotion. In fact, the trauma memory is kept in the past tense and the patient is taught to label emotions and identify thoughts, consider evidence, and develop more balanced thoughts progressively. Extinction (new learning) occurs as a cognitive process rather than by way of habituation.

Exposure therapy activates the trauma circuit and pulls for high levels of emotion. However, unlike the usual PTSD response, the prefrontal cortex is prevented from going completely “off-line” because the patient is continuing to talk throughout the exposure. As the emotional response lessens through habituation, the prefrontal cortex can become more activated and the patient can think about the trauma differently. New learning occurs (extinction), and the prefrontal cortex inhibits the amygdala.Type your paragraph here.

Our Mission

California is ranked number 1 followed by Texas for veterans suicide

Florida is the third highest suicide rate out of 52 States. In Florida only 12 percent of the population are wartime veterans.

1 out of every 4 that commit suicide in Florida is a veteran.

Every 20 hours 22 veterans will take their own lives across the Country. 

Urgent Projects

​When the call goes out that a veteran needs help, we will answer the call. To honor, uplift and salute our service men and women. Give them the respect they deserve at all times.

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